The house of Cyprus
10 Heraclitou, Kolonaki, Athens


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21 March - 9 April 2011


My environment. The images around me. My monitors.
My era. The potential of my era. The possibilities of technology.
My connections.
Images… Images… Images that fill my brain.
And I am still fascinated by the immediacy, still suffering with everything that takes place,
stealing moments from the screens and playing with them.
Small images that become great. I am looking deep inside them for new images.
Giving substance to insignificant pixels.
Giving form to the analysis of details and enlarging it.
Creating solid geometric forms to encompass the absurd.
Playing with simple shapes and analysing complexity into new forms.
Words I hear through loudspeakers that speak incessantly.
Words … Words… Words whose constant flow renders them inert. They lose their import
their power.
They turn into a vague background. A decorative cover. Something like lacework.
The familiar lacework of our memory.
And finally, a return to matter. Memories from my past, adapted to my present.