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Born and raised in Thessaloniki Greece, Popi Krouska lives and works in Athens.
Degree in economics from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki.
Degree in architecture from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.
During her studies she takes up pottery, working with clay, forms and glazing.
1975 – 1985: Works as an architect, designing and constructing projects. At the same time she works more systematically on her pottery, adopting a purely geometric visual approach and building surfaces out of pieces of oven-baked and glazed clay. During this time she applies several of her artworks in buildings.
1986 – 1997: Sets up an art space in Kolonaki, Athens, initially called ‘Popi Κ.’ and later ‘Thema’, which becomes the hub for a team of designers and visual artists and hosts various exhibitions and activities of the team. Up to 1992, the artist herself curated and organized six group exhibitions of design in which she participated with her own works, and a competition for chair design with real-life models exhibited at the House of Cyprus in Athens, in 1991.
From 1994 to 1997 ‘Thema’ served as a venue for artistic activities. Popi Krouska curated and organized the group exhibition  ‘The multiple faces of a window’ in 1994, in which  she participated with her own work, and the group show ‘Six artistic interventions – Athens 1995, works for public spaces’.
In the meantime, over these years her interest gradually turned to digital technology, and her work and quests focused on digitally processed images and video.  

Solo exhibitions

2022 -- 'Paths in black color". In Popi Krouska's studio, Taki 14, Psyrri, Athens
2019 - "Words - Symbols - Patterns". In Popi Krouska's studio, Taki 14, Psyrri, Athens
2017 -- "streaks 2" Sifnos. In cooperation with the Atsonios pottery workshop.
2017 -- "first aid blankets" at the facade of the building at Taki 14, Athens
2016 -- "streaks". Sifnos. In cooperation with the Atsonios pottery workshop.
2015    "asymmetric extensions". Sifnos. In cooperation with the Atsonios pottery workshop.
2014     “Suffering”, video installation, In Popi Krouska's studio Taki 14, Psyrri, Athens.
2014     “The secrets of ourovoros”, Sifnos.
2011      ‘Transformating the information’, House of Cyprus, Athens.
2006      ‘Evening news’, video installation. On a construction site at Psyrri, Athens.
2003      ‘The slaughter of the lambs’ 11 video projections, ‘Fournos’, Athens, curator Maria Marangou.
2003      ‘The soup’,  Diana gallery, Athens.
1999      ‘Girls’, ‘Diana - Yiulia’ Gallery, Athens.
1997      ‘Obsessions’, ‘Thema’ Art Space, Athens.
1996      ‘The target’, ‘Thema’ Art Space, Athens.
1984      ‘Sculpture - Pottery - Applications’, Progressive designs, Athens.
1980      ‘Ceramic structures’, Dada Gallery, Athens.

Group exhibitions

2016 -- Whispers" Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, curator Maria Marangou.
2016 -- "viewer 2" video, Sifnos, for a happening of # ThisIsACo-op.
2015 -- "Whispers" Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete, Rethymno, curator Maria Marangou.
2015 -- "communication cables" , Owl art space, Athens.
2014     “anti design 2014”, Technopolis, City of Athens, curators Popi & Ersi Krouska.
2011     “Design 2011”, Municipal Gallery of Athens, curator popi Krouska, assistant curator Ersi Krouska. 2009      ‘Design 2009’, House of Cyprus, Athens, curator Popi Krouska.
2006      ‘Jenin’, Attis Theatre, Athens, curators Maria Marangou and Thodoros Terzopoulos.
2004      ‘Matters of Identity’, Thessaloniki, Macedoniam Museum of Contemporary Art.
2002      ‘Poisons’, Gazi, Athens, curator Maria Marangou, produced by the Municipality of Athens.
2002      ‘Purple Earth’, Rethymno Centre for Contemporary Art.
2001      ‘Purple Earth’, Sifnos, curator Maria Marangou.
2001      ‘Magic’, Manos and Epi Pavlidis Estate, Peania, Attica, curator Maria Marangou.
2000      ‘Firoyia 2000’, Sifnos.
1999      ‘Firoyia 1999’, Sifnos.
1994      ‘The multiple faces of a window’, ‘Thema’ Art Space, Athens.
1992      ‘International Biennale of Sculpture’, Skironion Centre, Kifissia, Athens.
1991      ‘Objects of the city’, Parko Eleftherias, Cultural Centre of the City of Athens.
1990      ‘At the table’, ‘Thema’ Gallery, Athens.
1990      ‘Design – objects ΙΙΙ’, ‘Thema’ Gallery, Athens.
1989      ‘Design – objects ΙΙ’, ‘Thema’ Gallery, Athens.
1988      ‘Design – objects Ι’, ‘Popi K.’ Athens.
1987      ‘Propositions – design – applications’, ‘Popi K.’ Athens.

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