DESIGN  2009

 May 2009

exhibition curated and organized by Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska

‘The house of Cyprus ’ Kolonaki, Athens




Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae





ESIGN  2009            

And also a new aesthetic approach. An aesthetic bold enough to develop or subvert the old rules and theories, with enthusiasm and new ideas. An aesthetic which has assimilated the pluralism of the internet and knows how to use it. An aesthetic that focuses on quality without loud headings.
New materials with different strengths, different ways of processing, precision in every detail and the certainty afforded by 3D preview. New materials that change everything we knew – in lighting, in texture, in colour, in form, in the perfection of the outcome. New –truly new– technologies in the service of a better day-to-day life.
Designers aware of the current environmental, social and political problems; designers whose very soul is anxious and suffering; who are interested in communicating with other people and exchanging views; who are knowledgeable and interested in technology and its fascinating developments.
So I invite you to put forward your ideas with enthusiasm. I invite you to express the present time: to think, to design, to create; to make good use of all those new things that abound all around us; to bring in a fresh look, knowledge and reflection. And let us only keep quality as the sole timeless constant.
We will collect and evaluate all proposals to arrive at the final participations. These will be practicable ideas, objects in their normal size or proficiently constructed models. These submissions will be shown in 2009 in Athens at 'The House of Cyprus'in Athens, in an exhibition on the subject of ‘Design 2009 – new technologies, new materials, new possibilities; a challenge for thought, design and applications’. Popi Krouska is responsible for the concept, the selection of works and the curation of the exhibition.
As part of the run-up to this show, in February 2009 there will be a meeting where scientists, designers, architects and artists will exchange information and views about new technologies, new materials and the ways to approach them as well as about their work and their thoughts.

__ The exhibition will be open to all interesting proposals, with no specific titles or limitations.
__ The Exchange of views can help us all to achieve the best possible result.
__ It is very important for all submitted proposals to fall within the spirit and the rationale of the invitation to participate.



The participation of Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska