November 1987

curator Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska

'popi k.'


The participation of Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska




Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae



   The idea for this exhibition came from the conviction that Greece needs some serious propositions about design and it is not enough to import unthinkingly the achievements from other countries; that our artists are well able to come up with original ideas, establish ‘schools’ and write the history of Greek design.
   The idea for the exhibition was further reinforced by the knowledge of the fact that internationally it is increasingly accepted that furniture, objects and spaces need to be more than functional and properly designed. Design in itself is not enough; what is sought is character and an emphasis on sculptural quality. The new trends demand that the things around us must be not mere utility objects but objects of art. Design must be rich in expression. Thus the design of such objects is a job for artists. As part of all this, in this year’s documenta in Kassel there was a special tribute to design, and we saw objects which were sculptures or sculptures which could have practical uses.
   The participants in this venture do not constitute a team in the sense of cohesion and shared views. They are 19 artists and architects who make some proposals, individually or in small groups. This exhibition will show us the way forward. These nineteen persons do not even belong to the same generation; some are young and others are established artists.
   One question that arose in our first meetings during preparation was whether our objects should be prototypes suitable for industrial production or unique, one-off pieces, with the artist as both the source of inspiration and the creator.
   Since this first show is of exploratory nature, we decided to accept both approaches. Hence we have a variety of proposals.
   It took a lot of hard work on my part to organise this event, but I believe it will serve as a good start which will attract new people with new ideas and will spawn more exhibitions.

                                       Athens, October 1987
                                  Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska



Participating artists:

Joulia Andriadou
Maria Voyiatzoglou
Eleni Dessyla
Maria Drania
Sotiris Zervopoulos
Opy Zouni
Drosos Karipidis
Nikolas Klironomos
Nefeli Kontarini
Danae Koureta
Popi Zervopoulou - Krouska
Akis Michalopoulos
Yiannis Michas
Yiorgos Mokalis
Yiorgos Parmenidis
Aris Prodromidis
Stelios Skoulos
Vassilis Skylakos
Sonia Charalambidou


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English translation by Tony Moser.