"Sculpture - Pottery - Applications"


October 1984



Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae




Clay – material and form
material and colour – glazing
plastic quests

A traditional material through a modern approach
– standardisation, repetition, grid –
and small amounts of metal
that heeds the same law.

         Popi Zervopoulou





I had the opportunity as well as the satisfaction to collaborate with Popi Zervopoulou in a series of projects, albeit not at an early enough stage in their design, as I would like; in any case her contribution was essential in leading to a better and more consummate architectural whole.
What I have invariably found in Popi Zervopoulou is an effortless communication between her work and ours.
Her work, despite its strong personality in terms of sculptural quality, texture and colour, has always fitted in well with its surroundings. It was exactly these characteristics that appealed to me as an architect, because they had a greater affinity with the architectural work rather than with an artificial iconic presence. If one desires to extend the same concerns to the beautiful material of pottery art, it is a presence which is colourfully sculptural rather than painterly.

Alexandros N. Tombazis
September 1984




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English translations by Tony Moser.