April 2002

Gazi, Technopolis, Municipality of Athens
A group exhibition in the kiln area of Gazi (Gasworks)
curator: Maria Marangou

Produced by the Municipality of Athens

The participation of Popi Krouska




Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae




 The Arrival (Reconstruction of the arrival)

It all started that dark night in January, when the Spirit appeared. The public’s desire for a meaningful change had been intense for some days. The comments and rumours about what was to come had become unbearable. Television, newspapers, interviews, opinions.
The king was conferring with his counsels all night. It was a few hours before daybreak that the Spirit appeared. No one understood what its ambiguous silence meant – whether it was afraid of those who were coming or it wished to impose their advent.
Then the hordes of the infected ones began to invade. The new genre, the new thinking, the new ideas were there. The arrival had happened.
Those in disagreement seriously considered some reaction – an action, something. Yet time worked against them. Things went ahead.
Ladies and Gentlemen, they are here. They are a reality. Prepare to face them. Take a look at the man next to you. Is he one of them? Beware!



The image is printed on canvas and measures 270cm x 365cm.
The small human sculptures are made of clay and polyester.
The neon sign says the site of new man, and the text describes the events.


From the performance of actress Sophia Michopoulou, directed by Thodoros Terzopoulos.


Participating artists:

Dimitris Alithinos
Takis Zerdevas
Popi Krouska
Yannis Michas
Sophia Michopoulou
Kyriakos Mortarakos
Manolis Baboussis
Takis Poulopoulos
Angelos Skourtis
Dimitris Tzamouranis
Aspasios Charitonakis
Youla Hatzigeorgiou


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English translations by Tony Moser