“Charms – Talismans”

July 2001

On the estate of Manos and Epi Pavlidis in Peania, Attica

Concept and curation by Maria Marangou

group exhibition

The participation of Popi Krouska




Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae



hen to pan


Win a gift of great value!...

Follow the traces of the self-devouring snake…
Find the concealed texts and win!...
The texts are hidden in the illuminated panels and
 placed in the ground at five spots around the estate.
Find them and call in. Now!!
The first to call on 097 3035100 wins the present.



8 x 9 = 72. An even number follows after an odd one.
Odd numbers dominate time.
Time dominates the moon.
The moon dominates the horse.



Opportunity dominates the existence of need...





7 x 9 = 63. Three dominates
Ursa Major.
Ursa Major dominates the dog.




...Need dominates the will to acquire...







6 x 9 = 54.  Four dominates the seasons.
The seasons dominate the pig.





...The will dominates the mind...






5 x 9 = 45. Five dominates musical notes.
Notes dominate the mind.




...Opportunity dominates the mind....





4 x 9 = 36.  Six dominates the diapason.
The diapason dominates the deer.



...Acquisition dominates satisfaction.





                                                       Charms - Talismans

The enchantment of opportunity. We hasten to grasp the opportunity to acquire superfluous goods. Call now… The first five callers win... Only for today…
Illuminated images set into polyester will be placed into the earth on five spots around the Pavlidis estate. Each image comprises four panels of polyester, and the subject is plant roots. The digitally processed roots are in night blue, a colour of mystery. The polyester panels, something like tablets of revelation, present some profound truths!!!
The connecting element of all images is ouroboros, the self-devouring snake, symbol of death and rebirth which devours itself and is renewed. It is creation and destruction in an endless cycle. In the image I use, the snake encircles the Greek phrase hen to pan: one in all, or all in one. This phrase became an oft-repeated alchemistic saying. (Christians equated the devil with the snake).
Each image carries two (not easily legible) phrases. One phrase comes from the texts of Chinese alchemists (e.g. 5 x 9 = 45. Five governs musical notes. Notes dominate the mind) and reveals their arithmosophic mysticism.
The word ‘dominates’ in these texts stimulated my own thoughts. Thus the second phrase in the image is mine and articulates some commonplace truth using the word ‘dominates’ (e.g. Opportunity dominates the mind.) And there is always the ouroboros with the phrase hen to pan.
Upon entering, visitors are handed a flyer presented like an advert: Great Opportunity! The first one to find something will win a gift of great value… Follow the traces of ouroboros… find the hidden texts and win… During the night I shall distribute five gifts: five small multiple works with the image of ouroboros.
                                                           Popi Krouska
                                                              April 2001  



The show took place on Wednesday, July 4 2001, the eve of the full moon. It only lasted for one night, and because of this and the difficult access to the estate it was necessarily addressed to a limited number of viewers.
Specially created for this exhibition, the works/charms were spread throughout the estate and hung on branches or hidden among the bushes. They were made for those patient enough to discover them. The condition was that the work could have the energy and the viewer would be the recipient.



Participating artists:

Antouaneta Angelidi
Dimitris Alithinos
Nikos Alexiou
Costis Velonis
Jimmy Efthimiou & Elderdiery M. Fatul (D.D.-M. Fautal)
Niki Kanagini
Harris Kontosfyris
Popi Krouska
Yiorgos Lapas
Maria Loizidou
Afroditi Litti
Maria Papadimitriou
Emilia Papafilippou
Angelos Skourtis
Vassilis Skylakos
Aspa Stasinopoulou
Nikos Tranos
Thanassis Totsikas
Sofia Philipidou
Costas Fotopoulos


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English translations by Tony Moser