"Fyrogia 2000"

An exhibition of 12 artists, working in collaboration with the ceramic workshops of the island.

At the Monastery of Fyrogia in Sifnos

July - August 2000

curator: Maria Marangou

The participation of Popi Krouska





Selection of works and applications

Curriculum vitae




Taste. In Sifnos, an island characterized by distinct flavors, where taste becomes a sentiment as well a sense. 
The  manoura  cheese. Which is taste and smell at the same time.
The manoura cheese as it is produced at the neighboring small dairy, using a plethora of utensils and impressions, plain but full of energy.
The vessels of Antonis Atsonios. With my own intervention in terms of shape and the black color. The black color of strong fires which absorbs the white disorder of the process. Milk, curd, straining, then must and finally cheese.
And a cell at the monastery of Fyrogia which hosts me. A cell with a lot of birds’ nests. Birds that sing. Birds that influenced my thoughts in that cell. Birds that, judging from last year’s experience, will disappear the moment the exhibition begins.
So I have captured the singing and left it to accompany my work.  



Four lightboxes with images from the small workshop where the local manoura cheese is made.






It was my wish for visitors to be able to sense the characteristic smell of manoura. For practical reasons, the cheese could not remain exposed.
At the opening of the show, visitors were offered some manoura cheese. On all other days there was a plaster replica of the cheese on display.



Designed as a pattern for a paper tablecloth for the island’s restaurants during the exhibition. Ιt carries recipes of typical Sifnos dishes in Greek and English. After many efforts, it proved too costly and was never realised.



Participating artists:

Yiulia Gazetopoulou
Voula Gounela
Raymond Galle
Diane Katsiaficas
Harris Kontosphyris
Popi Krouska
Yiannis Michas
Katia Roka
Xenis Sahinis
Angelos Skourtis
Nakis Tastsioglou
Ingrid Fragantoni

Participating ceramic workshops

Antonis Atsonios
Yiannis Apostolidis
Yiannis Depastas
Kostas Depastas
Yiorgos Exylzes
Antonis Kalogirou
Alexandros Lemonis
Yiannis Lembessis
Yiannis Podotas
Nikos Raviolos
Antonis Skandalis
Lambros Skandalis


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    English translations by Tony Moser